The Witkap • Pater family

From 1979, Witkap-Pater was brewed by the three Slaghmuylder cousins at the request of "De Drie Linden" Brewery from Brasschaat. In 1981, Witkap-Pater was officially taken over. Originally, the Witkap-Pater beer family consisted of three varieties, Stimulo (Single), Dubbel (Double) and Tripel (Triple). In 2009, "Greutj Lawautj" beer was renamed to Witkap Special. Nowadays the Witkap-Pater beers are the showpiece of the brewery and are - even far beyond Ninove - a fixed value in the Flemish beer landscape.

Witkap-Pater is a living top-fermented beer brewed according to time-honoured tradition with the finest natural ingredients, including bitter and aromatic hop flowers from our region. We are proud that our beers can carry the golden quality logo "100% Belgian hops". By using only Belgian hops, we can be sure of the quality and origin of our hops, we reduce transport to a minimum, we support the Belgian hop sector, which already has a long tradition, and we help to preserve the beautiful hop landscape.

Witkap-Pater is a top-fermented beer. First, we begin with the main fermentation, which starts at 20°C. Then, we continue with lagering at low temperatures. After the beer has been poured into the bottle or barrel, it is placed in a warm cellar for a third refermentation. This gives the beer its excellent aromas and natural storage qualities for several years. When the yeast has digested all the sugars, it will settle on the bottom and the Witkap-Pater will clear naturally. It is therefore important not to shake the bottle and to fill the glass in one gentle movement so that the sediment sticks to the bottom of the bottle.

Witkap-Pater is served on many occasions: as an aperitif, with or after a meal; on a terrace or by the fireplace. Witkap-Pater also suits perfectly gastronomic kitchen.